Friday, June 27, 2008

...but I'm Not Tired Yet...

Who, as a kid, didn't try anything and everything to avoid getting put to bed? Is there a child who (on a regular basis) willing marches out of the room, away from all the fun, and up to brush her teeth and turn out the light? There may be...but I was not one. I was the kid who'd swear up and down that she wasn't tired, while she was actually managing to fall asleep mid-sentence. I have many memories of drifting in and out of consciousness while the grownups all around me carried on the party and let me pretend I was part of it. I did NOT want to go to bed.

I guess some things never change.

I'm not sure why it is that I hate going to bed. I do love late nights, both the part when everyone is out and living it and the part after that, when it gets impossibly quiet and you can hear yourself think for once. I often get a bit restless on nights when I'm home with nothing to do, because there's so much possibility. And nighttime just begs to be shared - what's better than sitting on the beach after dark, under the stars, with a good friend? Sitting there alone just isn't the same. Nice, yes, but not the same. So putting the kabosh on that and heading off to Never Never Land is not to be desired.

There's also just something I can't put my finger on.... something that makes giving up and going to bed seem like, well, like just that - like giving up. Giving up on another day. Letting it be over, with no more possibility for great things to happen in it. Try again tomorrow, today is done. I guess I like the idea that there's still a little more to come. Anything could happen. I guess anything will have to happen tomorrow....

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