Wednesday, October 13, 2010

These People will be Building Skyscrapers

...and then the instructor said "you guys have heard of oxygen, right?"

To a room full of college-senior civil engineering students.

"You remember electrons? Atoms have electrons?"

And then I cried.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

L.A. Pictures

.......aaaaand then life happened. But if you've ever had vertigo then you'll believe I had a good excuse for not getting these up before now. Anyway, here they are, the snaps from L.A. Nothing terribly thrilling, but proof that I was really there:

- The gluten free, dairy free bakery!

- The Hollywood sign as seen from my friend's neighborhood. (It's in there, I swear - on the hillside.)

- At a stoplight on Rodeo Drive (I couldn't resist).

- Much to my mother's chagrin, this was the only photographic evidence I produced that I myself was actually in L.A. Sorry, Mom.